February 7, 2005

SMUs (Smug Mac Users) are Funny

Posted at February 7, 2005 10:08 PM

99% of Mac owners are perfectly nice, reasonable people. They simply chose a product that suits their particular needs, and have no illusions about the purchase making them a better person.

But then there is that unfortunate minority, who believe their loyalty to a corporate brand renders them morally and intellectually superior, and scour earth looking for chances to rub your face in it. These are the Smug Mac Users, sources of unending condecension and hilarity. Let's call them SMUs.

I posted a little something about the Mac Mini yesterday, not because I give a crap about the Mac Mini, but because I was hoping some SMUs might pass through and entertain us with a spasm of snottiness. And sure enough they're already coming like rats to cheese, even though I only started this blog yesterday. Look at this reply that just came in:

You obviously have no imagination, and should stick to playing solitaire on your computer.

I don't know any computer that has a decent audio INPUT, without having a seperate card for the A to D conversion. There are plenty of great USB and Firewire audio interfaces if that's what you need to do with it.

For the A/V enthusiast, you could add this smartly on a aux input on your TV/stereo system. Now with a wireless card (or cabled if you prefer) and wireless keyboard/mouse, you can do a P in P on your large screen and surf the net while watching a game. You could also have your iTunes library available there, or even play a DVD.

This MAC is clearly not for everyone....as you have proved.

Craig Jackson

Now, I actually know quite a bit about this stuff, and was about to refute Craig's rant point-by-point.. but then I remembered I don't give a crap.

So instead I'll just say bravo to you Craig Jackson! A splendid performance indeed.. the Simpsons Comic Book Guy would be proud.



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