March 12, 2005

Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara

Posted at March 12, 2005 1:18 AM

1. Tom Cruise is going out with Sofia Vergara?

2. They're still letting John Singleton make movies???

Shooting war in Toronto

Here's a tip for you paparazzi waiting to get a shot of Tom Cruise visiting his "new love," Sofia Vergara, on the Toronto set of her movie "Four Brothers": He's not coming.

So many snappers have been shivering behind bushes that director John Singleton has beefed up security.

Things got out of hand this week when Vergara was shooting a nude scene with co-star Tyrese. "Seven different paparazzi had to be thrown off the set," a source tells Daily News contributor Jawn Murray.

Tabloid tale-spinners have also been ringing up Vergara's relatives. Her aunt Lilita Jamarillo, 60, told Grazia magazine Sofia has "introduced [Tom] to her mother, Margarita." Aunt Lilita also said her niece adores the ever-smiling Cruise because "for Sofia, the most important thing in a man is that he has good teeth. She studied dentistry."

We're all in favor of good oral hygiene. But really, it's time the lensmen came in from the cold.



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