July 18, 2005

Google Buys Zazzle?

Posted at July 18, 2005 6:20 PM

Posting this for my friend mr. solis:

Google buys Zazzle

Google, the online search giant, have invested $16 million in Menlo Park, California based, online marketplace company called Zazzle. Just two years old, the web based, Amazon/Dell-type store is where people buy and sell customized T-shirts, stamps, posters prints and other gifts and artwork.

“Zazzle represents a significant breakthrough in e-commerce and is the ideal advocate for every individual who wants to create products that are as unique as they are,” Said John Doerr, Google investor and venture capitalists.

Zazzle’s creators Robert Beaver and sons, Bobby and Jeff, created the online store when the two sons were still in college at the Stanford University majoring in economics. The name Zazzle comes from the word “zazz” which means “to decorate something”. The company has established a community of members and visitors as well as partners like Walt Disney with more than 10,000 contributing artists. When people pick out an image and customize it on a T-shirt, framed picture or poster, Zazzle pays royalties to the contributing partner.
The company is also expected to partner with Pitney Bowes which will allow people to buy customized stamps.



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