July 15, 2005

Kimchi Causes Cancer?

Posted at July 15, 2005 2:44 PM


Kimchi may cause stomach cancer

During the cold weather, cultivation was practically unavailable. Consequently, Korean developed a method to pickle the vegatable - kimchi 7th century.

Koreans possess a passionate fondness for kimchi, serving this spicy fermented pickled vegetable dish at most meals. Kimchi contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fibers. The major ingredient of kimchi is Chinese cabbage. Other common ingredients include cucumber dill pickles and reddish. Kimchi ferments in vegetable?s own juices. Kimchi is usually prepared in large qualities and packed into huge jars and stored at low temperature. Most kimchi preparations contain dried, ground or crushed hot pepper. By adjusting the amount of hot pepper or even adding sweet paprika and cayenne, you can achieve the kimchi spiciness that you like.

Most people believe that kimchi is healthy, as kimchi contains lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants. However, as early as 1985, Kim JP has noticed the correlation between red pepper/high salt diet and gastric carcinogenesis (i.e. stomach cancer) in their animal study

In late 1990s, Ahn Yo at Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, observed that stomach cancer was the most prevalent malignant neoplasm in Korea. He noted an increased risk of stomach cancer was among those who frequently had broiled meats and fishes, pickled vegetables, salted side dishes and salty stewed foods, such as soybean paste thick stew as their meals.

Gomez SL et al, Northern California Cancer Center, CA, compared the rates of stomach cancers among Korean, Korean American and Caucasian American. They found that the Korean in Korea have the highest rate for stomach cancers and the Caucasian Americans have the lowest rate.

In 1990-1901, Lee JK et al at Hanyang University, Korea also investigated how the dietary factors in Korean food related to Stomach cancer. They recruited 213 patients with stomach cancer and 213 subjects as controls. They found that increased risk of stomach cancer was associated with consumption of stewed foods (such as soybean paste stew and hot pepper-soybean stew, broiled fish) and salty foods (including pickled vegetables). They concluded that heavy salt consumption and cooking methods like broiling and salting seem to play a major role in gastric carcinogenesis among Koreans...

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