July 5, 2005

New Untitled Franz Ferdinand Album

Posted at July 5, 2005 12:00 AM

Franz Ferdinand Busy Whittling Down Tracks For New Album

Franz Ferdinand are a week away from selecting the 12 or 13 tracks to appear on their eagerly awaited second album.

The band have mixed 15 songs for the album and will knock two or three off for the final cut. Once the Scottish lads have made the decision, they will then decide on a running order.

Speaking to Billboard, Franz frontman Alex Kapranos said: "We've been through about 25 songs altogether and we're mixing 15 songs; of those 15, we'll probably choose 12 or 13."

He added: "We're very much a rhythm-driven band. We still want to make people dance, but we didn't want to repeat the same beats. We did experiment with a lot of different rhythms."

Kapranos revealed that tracks almost definite to make the final cut include ‘Do You Want To?’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘I’m Your Villain’, ‘Evil and a Heathen’, ‘Turn It On’, ‘This Boy’, ‘Well That Was Easy’, ‘Outsiders’ and ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’.

The album, which may well be untitled, is expected to be released in October through Domino.



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