July 12, 2005

Prison Clock

Posted at July 12, 2005 9:37 AM

from clockplans.com:

The Clock Below Has A Very Interesting History

Just when you think you have seen everything, something comes along to totally surprise you! I have received pictures of The Thomas Grandfather Clock, made by a Chinese gentleman, using only a crude handsaw. I have received pictures of our wall clocks cut by woodworkers using only a peddle-driven scrollsaw from the early 1900's. But I have never seen a Thomas Clock quite like this one!

This Thomas Wall Clock is made out of paper, popsicle sticks and pencils. The only tools used in building this clock were tweezers, fingernail clippers and a razor blade! It took inmate Roger Sutton four months to build it! He says it keeps great time!

I will include parts of his letter he sent to us:

Dear Steve,

I hope you haven't forgotten me. I'm Roger Sutton, the one that is in prison. I'm sending you pictures of the clock I built using your plans. This clock is built out of all paper and popsicle sticks and the gear shafts are wooden pencils. I built this clock with only a razor blade, a pair of tweezers and a fingernail clipper. It sound impossible, but these were the only tools I had to build it with. And I want you to know it took me four months to build it!

I would like to ask you, could I get these pictures on the Internet where people could see my clock? I think it would inspire people to do more woodworking. This is the first clock that has been built like this, especially in prison. It would be nice to get more people excited about woodworking.

I would like to put this clock in a museum. Could you recommend a good place? If so, please send me the address. I would like to have my clock where other people could see it, what old clockmakers can do with little to do it with. You know what patience I had to take with it to build it out of paper.

Best regards,
Roger W. Sutton #0396668
Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 708
Spruce Pine, N.C. 28777



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