September 19, 2005

The Return of Little Mac

Posted at September 19, 2005 1:38 PM

For those of you who grew up playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out like I did, you should get a kick out of this:

The Return of Little Mac, a short movie for Punch-Out fans.

And for those of you feeling really nostalgic, you can play the emulated version on-line:
NESCafe's Mike Tyson's Punch Out

You can also play the equally fun, commercially exploited version:
Frusion Breakfast Brawl

And in related news, Millions of Games is a social bookmarking service for flash, shockwave and java games although any type of game can be added, such a MMORPGs or downloadable games.

They have a pretty large collection, although they seem to be missing what jsmooth and I would consider one of the best:
Monkey Curling



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