November 9, 2005

Google Automat, Google Base

Posted at November 9, 2005 1:39 PM

This stuff sounding way too sci-fi movie for me. Watch out for when they release the Google Decepticons.

But let me reiterate: We love and worship our new Google overlords. Please do not smite us.

Google Automat

Much has been written about Google Base, the classified system being launched by Google. But Classified Intelligence Report (not online, subscription PDF newsletter) finds out some new details on the plans, and comes up with Google Automat. In its patent application filed with USPTO, Google says it is a system for "providing on-line user-assisted Web-based advertising". Though Google Automat technically isn't dependent on either the listing program (Google Base) or another program in development, Google Wallet (now called Google Purchases), it logically weds all these elements into a single application to facilitate the listing and sale of merchandise by novice advertisers, says CIR. Automat creates a contextual ad identical in appearance to Google AdWords, which now run down the right side of every Google search-results page. Automat can create a free-standing Web page to serve as the product description page...



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