November 4, 2005

Ice T vs. Omarosa

Posted at November 4, 2005 9:37 PM

Guess Ice-T didn't get Jay-z's memo about beef going out of style. This may be the fiercest battle we've seen since Madd Skillz vs. Shaquille O'Neal.

Ice-T has cold words for Omarosa

Lowdown by Lloyd Grove

Ice-T (above, with Coco) didn't hold back his hostile feelings about reality TV's Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (below).
What better night to ignite a feud than Halloween? Rapper Ice-T tossed scary insults and even a threat at reality-TV she-devil Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth during Heidi Klum's ghoulish gala.

"I'll tell you who I don't like: Omarosa," the "Law & Order: SVU" star told Lowdown as he sat upstairs at nightspot Happy Valley in - what else? - pimp regalia. "That b- is not supposed to be famous. Being somebody in the business, you have a lot of admiration for people because you know how hard they work. But certain people, you're just like, what the f- has that ho done?"

Informed that there are probably plenty of folks who agree with him, Ice - whose real name is Tracy Marrow - added ominously: "Yeah, well, I'm at the top of the list. Give me the gun."

Not exactly a breezy comment, coming from an ex-gangster. In his hip-hop days, Ice wrote the controversial song "Cop Killer" and famously ran with the Crips.

What if he and Lady O were to, um, settle their differences in the sack?

"I wouldn't wish that on a zombie," Ice-T replied stonily, rubbing the fishnet-stocking-clad leg of his generously endowed wife, Nicole (Coco) Austin.

Informed of Ice-T's attack yesterday, Omarosa immediately took the gloves off.

"Tracy sold out his rap career to go play a cop on a show because his last album tanked," the "Surreal Life" and "Apprentice" alum told Lowdown, adding that she's never even met the man.

"You're supposed to be hard-core, rapping about killing and pimpin' hos, and you go and play a cop? He sold out!" Omarosa continued. "Real hip-hop artists - the ones that are true to the art form - do not resort to playa hating."



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