February 2, 2006

Epiphanny Prince (not Epiphany)

Posted at February 2, 2006 2:21 PM

Epiphanny Prince, with two Ns. Remember that name. She just broke Cheryl Miller's high school scoring record for women's basketball, putting down 113 points against Brandeis (yes y'all she represents NY, the Murry Bergtraum school to be exact). She's already signed on to play college ball for Rutgers next year, so we should be hearing a lot more about Epiphanny (not Epiphany).

I'm listening to 1010 WINS and they keep going on about how Epiphanny's coach was unfair to the other team, and he should have showed "good sportsmanship" by benching her before she got that far. Y'all really need to get over yourselves. The whole purpose of high school athletics is teaching kids about getting humiliated.

The real world is cold and heartless. Nobody's gonna bench your bill collectors when you fall behind halfway through the month. So get used to it now, kids!

Epiphanny Prince scores 113 points

Move over, Kobe Bryant, and make room for New York's Epiphanny Prince who scored a record 113 points in a girl's high school game Wednesday.

The 5-foot-10 star hit 54 of 60 shots in leading Murry Bergtraum High School to a 137-32 rout of Louis Brandeis High School, the New York Daily News said.

"I guess this is just once in a lifetime," the 17-year-old Brooklyn senior said after shattering the girls high school scoring record.

"This is amazing to me. When I found out I broke the record, I just started smiling. I couldn't stop smiling."

She broke the record set by Cheryl Miller, who hit 105 points in a 1982 contest.

Here's a very very very detailed blog post about one of Epiphanny's other games this year.



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