March 16, 2006

Halo 3 may not be called Halo 3

Posted at March 16, 2006 2:51 PM


Halo 3 may not be Halo 3 claims magazine

A user on the official forums got his sweaty hands on the latest Game Informer magazine and found lots and lots of interesting stuff in there on Halo 3, the game many consider to be inevitable and which is almost certainly going to be the Xbox 360 killer app. Indeed, almost certainly, because the article supposedly states the game is so different it’s not even being called Halo anymore.

Since does not allow scanned magazines to be posted because of copyright reasons, the friendly topicstarter typed it all out for our pleasure. For the quick readers we have the highlights:

* Halo 3 isn't currently called Halo 3. In fact, it doesn't even have halo in the name - it is called Forerunner
* It will include HUGE environments.
* It will be somewhat open - i.e. A mission where you have to go invade/destroy an armory will determine how much weaponry you have for the next mission and how much the opposing forces will have.
* Will have a definite mission structure - but still be somewhat open.
* 4 Player Co-Op
* A gameinformer source (not named) HAS SEEN THE GAME IN ACTION. He also explains that the reason Bungie says there is no Halo 3 is because it will most likely be called “Forerunner”

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