October 6, 2006

Shirley Phelps-Roper on the Amish School Girls

Posted at October 6, 2006 10:19 AM

That crazy bitch Phelps-Roper is at it again:


Part of the transcript:

COLMES: Did those girls deserve to be killed?

PHELPS-ROPER: Well, they did get killed, and they did that. Who controls the hearts of men? It was at the hand of an angry God those girls are dead.

COLMES: Did they deserve to die?

PHELPS-ROPER: They did deserve to die.

COLMES: How you can possibly make a statement like that?

PHELPS-ROPER: Because that's exactly what happened, and it happened at the hand of the lord your God.

COLMES: How can you possibly say that — how can you possibly say that young girls who have done nothing wrong, who are innocent, who are just a few years old, who have never sinned, who have never done anything, deserve to die? How could you possibly make a statement like that?

PHELPS-ROPER: You told me that you serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who says that when Adam sinned all sinned. There are no innocent human beings. And the parents...


HANNITY: Have you ever sinned, Miss Perfect here?

PHELPS-ROPER: Of course, you know that I have sinned, and that's not the point.

HANNITY: You have. So you're a sinner. When you die, would you deserve to die?

PHELPS-ROPER: Well, of course all of us deserve to die. But I'm not the one who did die and my message is for those living people who brought that pain upon themselves.



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