April 4, 2008

Smokin'Em Charters

Posted at April 4, 2008 5:26 PM

I thought Smokin'Em Charters must be the name of some Florida rap group or something, but not quite. Smokin Em Charters was a planned charter boat service in Florida that would offer such special services as boats full of topless women. Wait, are we sure there's no rap group involved?

Smokin’ Em Charters Offered Topless Women, Nixed by City


Fort Pierce, Florida city officials has banned a charter service that offers topless women on board. Smokin’ Em Charters is run by husband and wife team Harold and Kathi Coombers.

The Coombers have had the company for 8 eight years, but first began running the boat with topless women in January. They say the topless women come aboard fully clothed and wait until the boat is 3 miles out into the water before they strip down to be topless. The topless women help run the Smokin 'Em Charters boat and serve food and drinks.

City officials forced Smokin’ Em Charters to leave the city marina because they were disturbing the family atmosphere in the marina.



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