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Here are some highlights from the January 12th, 2002 edition of the Underground Railroad, which I am proud to say was the first program to air live in its entirety on the newly liberated WBAI!
- jsmooth@hiphopmusic.com

  • Introduction - A special intro featuring the voices of those who had been censored and banned from the station, and a discussion what the future holds now that this conflict has finally been resolved.
  • Phonecalls - We take phone calls from the listeners and hear their reaction to recent events. The first caller discusses the race-baiting rant delivered on-air by producer Clayton Riley earlier that day.
  • Clayton meets Jay Smooth - Clayton Riley calls in and has a quite an illuminating conversation with Jay Smooth.

If you are not familiar with the crisis that has plagued WBAI and the Pacifica network, which is now finally coming to an end, check out the links below for more info:

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