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  • Wutang Clan live on WBAI - A classic appearance from way back in 1992, with 5 original members...
  • Eminem sneak preview - Here's an exclusive verse from s track our own DJ Spinna just did with Eminem and Thirstin Howl. You can hear the whole thing in realaudio at the freestyle archive
  • BDP live in Japan - Here's a classic tape given to us by DJ Kenny Parker
  • The Jungle Brothers - A long and lyrical visit to our studio from the JBs.
  • A Tribe Called Quest (live on WBAI) 1996 - By popular demand we're giving you another chance to download this legendary performance, 8 minutes straight off the top from Q-Tip and Phife with our own DJ Avee on the wheels. If you heard this anywhere else they stole it from here...

Welcome to's MP3 archive! All songs below are unreleased and can't be found in stores or on the web. Please don't link directly to the files, and if you have some webspace you'd like to donate so we can add more songs please let us know
Note: All files here are legal, no copyrighted material will be posted without permission.