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March 12, 2005

Outkast - '10 The Hard Way' Album

The new album from Outkast, '10 The Hard Way' has a release date. That date is June 10th. It's been widely rumored to be a return to the hardcore hip-hop, straight spitting over raw beats. Here's the scoop:

Rapper and actor Andre 3000 says he and Big Boi are feeling some pressure to make the next OutKast album "10 The Hard Way" equally as strong as the best-selling, Grammy-winning 2003 double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Their next studio album is tentatively titled 10 The Hard Way and is expected in June.

Asked about whether OutKast is experiencing any anxiety about matching the level of their last commercial release, Andre said: "It's a lot of pressure because this album is like 11 million plus -- like 10 millions plus, 11 millions plus. And, you know, once you do numbers like that the whole world is watching, watching what you're doing next. So we've always had fun and kinda like -- people underdogging and not paying attention to what we're doing and we've always found energy in that. Now we have to find where the energy is coming from."

He adds that he doesn't know how OutKast, with its ever-evolving, envelope-pushing sound, has managed to stay on top of its game for so long: "The only way I can explain how we've stayed on this long with switching and changing is, it's a power that we have nothing to do with. I mean, that's true. A lot of times I write lyrics and come up with melodies and music and write songs and I don't even know where it's coming from. So I guess it's because we're supposed to be doing it."

Another OutKast album due this year is the soundtrack to the group's HBO Prohibition-era musical, which bears the tentative title My Life In Idlewild. The film stars OutKast, Ving Rhames, Paula Jai Parker, Terrence Howard, and Malinda Williams.

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