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Giuliani Time (once again)

Ahmed Diallo, an African street vendor with no criminal record, was walking home in the Bronx when he was approached by 4 officers in plain clothes. Although Mr. Diallo was unarmed, the officers claim he appeared to be reaching for a weapon, and they proceeded to fire 41 rounds at him, hitting him 19 times. Let's see what all of Giuliani's cheerleaders have to say now, faced with the dark underbelly of his shining utopia...

Unarmed Bronx Man Killed in Police Shooting New York One
Police fire on unarmed man in Bronx, killing him - NY Newsday
41 bullets at an unarmed Bronx man - New York Post
Black Times Online report - A nice little homepage
Amadou Diallo Buried in Guinea, West Africa - New York One
Anguish of Cop-Slay Victim's Mom - New York Post
Giuliani Unwelcome at Diallo's funeral - NY Post

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