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  • The People Win Back Pacifica Radio - All the conflict we've suffered through at our radio network may finally be coming to an end. Looks like the good guys won.
  • - Here's the coverage of our victory in The New York Times


  • Brouhaha over BET continues - if these folks would have just listened to Aaron Mcgruder in the first place none of this would be necessary.
  • John Forte Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison - I'm not going to make any jokes. This is a tragic story, regardless of his guilt or innocence...a young brother who had so much going for him, and seemed capable of giving so much back.



  • Jim Crow on Fraternity Row - In case you didn't see it yet, here's the lowdown on the all-white fraternity who dressed in blackface for Halloween, and even simulated lynchings. The photo gallery will blow your mind. In the immortal words of Ice Cube, "Here's what they think about you."
  • Blackface Photograph Surfaces at Ole Miss - I'm sure you didn't think Auburn was an isolated incident.



  • Stanford students earn credit for studying hip-hop lingo - "And in a few years/you will see/a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde University/with mixing as a minor/and rapping as a major/be on your best behavior" Remember when that sounded like a wild fantasy? Now it hardly even seems newsworthy.

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