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  1. 8off the Assassin - Bugging out at WNYU
  2. A.L. Skills - Live on the Underground Railroad, WBAI
  3. AZ - At the Dirty Dozen show, WNWK
  4. DCQ of Medina Green - Up at WBAI, back when he was representing U.T.D.
  5. James Bernard and Gail - The founder of the Source and XXL, chilling with our beloved co-producer
  6. Jemini - The Gifted One gets loud in our studio
  7. L The Head Toucha On board the Railroad...where's this cat been lately?
  8. Mr. Complex - Freestyling on the railroad as Pharoah Monch observes in the background
  9. Madd Skillz - Flowing off the top at Martin Moor's WNYU show
  10. MCSerch - Looking kinda chubby at WBAI, freestyling with Non-Phixion
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