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  1. D'Angelo 1, D'Angelo 2 - Laughing at all his imitators outside Giorgio Armani's birthday party
  2. Das Efx w/ Stretch Armstrong - Sharing home decorating tips at WKCR
  3. DJ Evil Dee - Cracking jokes at WBAI 99.5 FM
  4. Fugees 1, Fugees 2 - The Fugees in Union Square before they blew up and apart
  5. Lord Sear - with an unidentified female at WKCR 89.9 FM
  6. EZ Moe Bee, Mister Cee and Mister Voodoo - Sharing trade secrets in the Underground Railroad studio
  7. DJ Mister Cee - At his classic "Best of Both Worlds" show on WNYE 91.5
  8. DJ Premier - The greatest producer ever at Armani's party
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