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  1. Bobbito - At WKCR fantasizing about Lord Sear in a bikini
  2. Craig Mack - Not to say Craig is funny looking, but I actually had to buy a new camera after I took this picture. Seriously.
  3. Lord Jamar - "Who said you could take my picture, punk kid?"
  4. Jam Master Jay - Reminiscing at the Dirty Dozen Show with DJ Mecca
  5. Keith Murray - Representing the Def Squad at WBAI
  6. The Legion - Remember them, they were down with Dres of Black Sheep? Yeah I know, you barely even remember Dres...
  7. Marley Marl - Rejecting my demo tape at WNWK
  8. Michael Franti - The founder of the Beatnigs, Disposible Heroes of HipHoprisy, and Spearhead ponders the downfall of capitalism at WBAI
  9. Scoop the Fatman - Guest hosting the Underground Railroad before he blew up at Hot 97
  10. Sticky Fingaz - Calling the Psychic Hotline from the old WNWK studio
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