Our Demands
IMPORTANT: Later this week we plan to replace this list with all-new set of even more ludicrous demands. Please tell us YOUR demands at our new
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1 - Hanson, The Spice Girls, Aqua, The Backstreet Boys, and Tara Lipinski must be hung by their ankles in a Turkish prison until they confess to their roles in the Great Cheese conspiracy.

2 - Shawn Colvin, Sarah Maclachlan and Paula Cole will be forced to admit that they are actually the same person, and their appearance at the Grammys was a holographic trick.

3 - All MTV veejays (except Matt Pinfield) must be immediately deported, and replaced by the original cast of What's Happening

4 - Touched By An Angel will be allowed to stay on television only if a starring role is given to Marilyn Manson.

5 - Movie theaters accross Amerikkka must burn their prints of Titanic, and begin showing a double feature of Toxic Avenger and Evil Dead 2. Also, anyone caught playing that Celine Dion song must be summarily executed.

Ignore us at your peril!
Meet these demands immediately to prevent further Soybombings!

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