If you want to join the Soy Bomb Nation, or set up an interview with our press representative write to soybombnation@hotmail.com

What it means to join
We are not leaders, and we don't want you to be followers. If you have read our platform and you're crazy enough to agree with it, then drop us a note and you'll be duly deputized. But don't expect a membership badge or a decoder ring, and don't wait for us to tell you what to do. We want YOU to tell US what to do, or better yet just do something and then tell us what you did. We're counting on you to think up the most creative, the most subversive, the most absurd ways to make the cheese burn. So do you understand your mission, soldier? Well, then sign here. And make sure to stop by our Discussion Board on your way out.

Young people of the world, join us in our battle to rid the earth of cheese!!! Tell the world to "BURN THE CHEESE!!! BURN THE CHEESE!!!" Shout it out your window! Write it on your Forehead! Shave it into your dog's butt!
Burn The Cheese!
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