3/6/98 - Our spokesman Captain Soy has decided to stop communicating with the press for the time being. We're going to let you think our 15 minutes of fame are up, and as soon as you've forgotten us we'll reappear to DROP A BOMB ON YOU, CHEESEMONGERS!!!! Stay Tuned, Soldiers.

3/3/98 Our Captain surfaced again last night in Boston Massachusetts, where the students Emerson College pledged to support our cause. This website will be completely revamped in the next few days, so make sure to press ALT-D and bookmark us. Don't let the revolution pass you by!

3/2/98 CAPTAIN SOY CONQUERS MICHIGAN! - On Friday night our press representative Captain Soy made his first public appearance, a 45 minute interview on The Pontiac Insomniac radio program hosted by Bryan Styble. Below is a summary of the interview released by Mr. Styble. Numerous interviews have been scheduled across America, so stay alert soldiers!

"Captain Soy", self-styled spokesman for the shadowy Soy Bomb Nation, told me during our broadcast interview this morning on "The Pontiac Insomniac with Bryan Styble" that it was mere logistical happenstance which made Dylan the target of his organization's stunt, which as you know was executed by surrogate Michael Portnoy at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night. As he explained, had some other performer been the one with the hired-hand dancers as a backdrop, it would have been THAT act, and not Dylan's appearance, which would have been the target of the stunt.

In that vein, the "Captain" agreed with my contention that it was an unfortunate fact that Dylan found himself the demonstration's putative target, inasmuch as Dylan, for the bulk of his career through his monumental accomplishments within the confines of recording studios, has stood in opposition to the "corporate cheese-mongering" which the nascent underground movement hopes to counter.

He also made clear that the Nation's website contention that Portnoy is connected with the so-called "Music Militia" was an erroneous posting. Further, he stated there is no connection whatsoever between the Nation's campaign and concerns about the Montsanto Corporation's genetic fiddling with soy product, a rumor that became widespread in the two days following the Grammys. Indeed, the "Soy" comes from the Spanish, as in "I am [the] Bomb".

Incidentally, my conversation with the young man portraying "Captain Soy"--he had no witty response when I inquired as to why, like Colonel Qaddafi, he hasn't yet promoted himself to a more intimidating rank--proved him to be quite knowlegable and worldly for someone still (apparently) in his 20s. Indeed, I came away from the telephonic interview rather impressed with his overall world-view and, in general, in agreement with his movement's ends--weaning the American public from formulaic pseudo-art in favor of manifestations of true artistic vision--if not necessarily with all its satirical means.


2/28/98 Many have inquired as to the indentity of the "Soy Bomb Poster Boy" pictured above, and we will now disclose his name: Eddy Van Raven, a staunch supporter of the Soy Bomb cause. Eddy is a representative of TVT Records, a label which has always acted in the Spirit of the Soy, disrupting the easy-listening corporate cheese with abrasive and thought-provoking rock and roll. Eddy is only one of our many allies in the media underground.

2/27/98 We are now ready to reveal the identity of the Soy Bomb Soldier who appeared at the Grimy Awards. His name is Michael Portnoy, and he is not officially a member of the Soy Bomb nation but wore our name on his chest as a gesture of solidarity. ONWARD SB SOLDIERS!!!

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