August 16, 2008

check to make sure your antivirus software is up to date
then you need to reboot (no homo) your hard drive (no homo).
and make sure your data is backed up (NO HOMO)

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April 28, 2007

Don Imus and My OJ Prize

A few thoughts real quick on the demise of Don Imus. Pardon the bad sound et al, didn't have my good camera at the hotel..
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A Snapshot of Atlanta

Perhaps my favorite memory of ATL: The energy of this crowd at MJQ Concourse, all singing "Git Up Get Out" together as if it was their National Anthem. Which it probably should be.

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Station Announcement from Atlanta

Mainly because I needed an excuse to do that cool fade-in from the photo.

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Nas "Where Are They Now" 1950s Remix

Here's another all-star "Where Are They Now" remix I put together.. this one takes it even further back, with Sammy Davis Jr, Little Richard, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin.

I'm busy on the road in Atlanta, helping to launch this project, but I'll be around here whenever I can.

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Black Coach

Just a quick shoutout to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, plus a little love for Herm Edwards. I got a little silly playing with the editor on this one.

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DJ Drama and the RIAA Snitch Test

On the arrest of DJ Drama and Don Cannon... by the way if you want code to embed this video elsewhere you can get it here under the "share" tab.

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The Men Behind the "White Rapper Show"

Okay y'all, we're back. 2007 is our 10th anniversary here, and I'm gonna be trying some new things, mainly adding more video to the site.

My first attempt at what the kids call "vlogging" is this clip of my interview with Sacha Jenkins, Jeff "Chairman" Mao" and Elliott Wilson, 3/5ths of a man of the Ego Trip crew.. creators of my favorite magazine ever (Ego Trip), two of my favoriite books ever (Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists and Ego Trip's Big Book of Racism), and a TV show I never saw because I don't have cable (Ego Trip's Race-O-Rama on VH1).

But this month I will be stealing somebody's cable so I can catch their latest VH1 misadventure, "Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show," on which ten aspiring caucasian emcees compete for a chance to become the next Miilkbone. The crew came to visit us a few days before the premiere, and explained their master plan.

Apologies in advance for Elliott's face being blocked out, my cameraman was drunk. I hadn't seen the show yet when we did the interview, caught it since then but I'm still processing the many levels of absurdity. What do y'all think of it so far?

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