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January 18, 2006

Homer Simpson in the Land of Chocolate

Since there are so many linkworthy videos on nowadays, I decided to start a separate blog so I can try to keep track of them all. Or a few of them at least. And I figure the best way to inaugurate any blog is with a little Homer :

(via screenhead, who already do this better than I will.)

Shaq vs. Bynum

Andrew Bynum is an 18 year old rookie center drafted by the Lakers this year, who told reporters he was a lot like a young Shaquille O'Neal, except that he knows how to make free throws. Shaq Fu was displeased, and shot back: "Tell him Shaq doesn't respond to juvenile delinquents without a college degree, Tell him to get his degree and we can talk. In the meantime, he should call me 'Dr. Shaq' because I'm working on my PhD."

This week they had their first confrontation on the court, and it more than lived up to the pregame yapping:

"One for the Thumb" Steelers Rap

How did it come to pass that the fake rappers are rapping better than the real rappers do? This one's not quite Narnia caliber, but quite competent. Nice scratching at the end.

Frank Zappa live: "Florentine Pogen"

From the same fine fellow who brought us this classic P-Funk clip, here's a vintage funk freakout from the Mothers of Invention. This 1974 clip features my favorite incarnation of the Mothers, with heavy-hitters like George Duke, Ruth Underwood and Napoleon Brock Murphy on sax/vocals:

January 19, 2006

Walt Disney's Story of Menstruation

Recently boing boing mentioned an obscure Disney cartoon that offered kids a guide to that time of the month. They didn't post the actual film, but luckily(?) somebody just dug it up and youtubed it:

Beatles "I Am the Walrus" Video

I always do a double take when John says "man you've been a naughty boy, you let yourknickers down," like "you let your who??" Somebody should sample that, actually.

Jim Carrey's "Vanilla Ice" Skit on In Living Color

On his DVD commentary, Director Michel Gondry said he picked Jim Carrey for "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" because he was watching "In Living Color," and at the end when the hip-hop comes on and everyone starts dancing, Carrey was the only one just standing there, looking all uncomfortable cuz he couldn't dance to the music. Seeing how lonely and out of place Carrey looked, Gondry knew that was just what he needed for the movie.

I dunno though, Jim's moves were pretty slick right here!

Michael Jackson on American Bandstand, 1972

Man, looking at old clips of Michael makes me want to cry, and i'm not saying that to be funny. Seeing that beautiful young kid, knowing how tortured he must have already been by himself and his life. I think Michael is the ultimate American tragedy, for our fast-food celebrity age.. we chewed him up and spit him out, and laughed at his pain all the way down.

And now that I've ruined your enjoyment the clip, here he goes doing Rockin Robin:

January 20, 2006

A Big Bunch of Ass Whoopings in Japan

This is a highlight reel from the "Pride" Mixed Martial Arts tournament in Japan. There's a chance it might have some violence in it.

Prince Live at First Avenue, 1983

Here's Mr Nelson and the Revolution, debuting a couple of new songs at the First Avenue Club: "Computer Blue," and the famed Purple Rain outtake "Electric Intercourse."

DDR Juggling

Um, it's DDR juggling. What else is there to say?

Nas "Made You Look" Live With KRS One

At Cali's "Rock the Bells" Festival last year:

January 21, 2006

Shaolin Monk One-Finger Handstand

You may know I collect HK movies, and I'm pretty sure I have the documentary this clip comes from, in the closet somewhere.. it's named "Abbot Hai-Teng of Shaolin" and also has cool footage of Jet Li back when he was a kid (the same footage from the "Dragons of the Orient" documentary?).

And yeah, this clip does look suspect.. but Hai Deng was a real-life Shaolin master, and consensus among experts is that it may be faked in this instance, but Hai Deng really could perform the one-finger handstand for real, at least in his younger days.

Beavis and Butthead "Oil Change" Episode

Nowadays almost every TV show you ever watched is available on DVD.. but there are a few exceptions. The problem is that if you had a lot of music mixed into your show, you have to negotiate new licensing fees for every song you used, and for a lot of shows that's just way too expensive.

One of my all-time favorites, "Freaks and Geeks," didn't get a DVD treatment for years cuz of these rules, and when it finally did come out the price had to be crazy high to offset all that licensing. And Beavis and Butthead has still never been released in its original form.. the DVDs edit out most of their music video commentary, which was of course the best part of the show.

So until they figure out a licensing system that doesn't suck, the only way to find the original B&B shows is to catch them online, like you can with this vintage episode:

Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke on Jay Leno: "Shooter"

Lil Wayne's remake of a track from Thicke's (briefly hyped but ultimately unnoticed) debut album. Via the hip-hop bloggers youtube group.

Eric B and Rakim "Move the Crowd" Video

courtest of Young Af, clearly a name to watch on youtube:

January 22, 2006

Trouble Funk live: "Hey Fellas"

Some finely aged go-go for my Chocolate City heads:

Richard Pryor on Soul Train, 1975

Here's a Richard Pryor clip I hadn't seen before, an impromptu bit of standup while he was guest hosting Soul Train:

Props to

January 23, 2006

Ill Kickboxing Knockout


Korean B-Boy Footage

A highlight reel from Korea's Extreme Crew:

MF Doom and MF Grimm, live at BB Kings

Young Af strikes again with more crazy concert footage:

"Lazy Monday" Answer to Narnia Rap

Hmm, this one doesn't quite do it for me. Helps me appreciate how well the Narnia boys pull it off. In fact it should serve as a warning to you all: fake rapping is not as easy as it looks! Best to leave it to the professionals.

Crazy Ping Pong Skills

Or Table Tennis, I should say:

"Young Chuck Norris" SNL Skit

Another "digital short" form the brains behind Lazy Sunday. Already linked all over the place but I'll throw my hat in the ring:

Drew Barrymore With No Bra on SNL

Props to Drew Barrymore for treating this no-bra controversy like the joke that it is.. I went back and checked the actual Golden Globes clip, and she didn't even look bad at all.. I guess America is used to every woman on TV supermegawonderbra-ing themselves until their breasts jump out of their turtlenecks (© Dave Chappelle)

January 24, 2006

"Housequake" - Prince Live at First Avenue, 3/21/87

One of the most famous Prince concerts recorded on video, where he world premiered a bunch of songs from "Sign of the Times," including this litle number called Hoiusequake:

Kevin Federline Jamming to PopoZao

What are we to make of the fact that this MTV news clip has been viewed 100,000 times in 12 hours on youtube?

Main Source "Fakin the Funk" (and 9 More Classic Hip-Hop Videos)

There's just so much classic hip-hop to choose from on youtube, there's no way I can make a separate post for each one anymore... gonna try knocking them out 10 at a time. These are all courtesy of the youtube all-star Young Af:

1. Main Source - "Fakin the Funk"

Continue reading "Main Source "Fakin the Funk" (and 9 More Classic Hip-Hop Videos)" »

January 25, 2006

Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Boost Mobile" Episode

Great satire of the patronizing onslaught of advertising marketed to the "hip-hop generation," and how quick artists can be to join in that hustle:

Japanese Toilet Seat Commercial

Get out of my way, all of you! This is no place for loafers. Join me or die. Can you do any less?

Halo vs. Donkey Kong

This is for my friend Mr. Solis:

The Meters live in concert, 1974

My favorite band of all time captured in their prime, rocking "Looka Py Py" and Jungle Man." I swear, finding all these clips is never gonna get old.

The Daily Show on Bush's Town Hall Meeting:

via crooks and liars:

Shawn Kemp Highlight Reel

(via catchdubs)

I forgot how nice he was, what made him fizzle out so quick?

The Family "Screams of Passion" Video

A rare glimpse at one of Prince's best side projects on Paisley Park, with "St. Paul" Peterson and Susannah Melvoin on vocals, Jerome and Jellybean from The Time, and Eric Leeds.. is that Eric playing bass in the video?

Chaka Khan Playing the Drums, 1976

Holy cow:

(via Okayplayer)

January 26, 2006

Popping and Locking Lessons

In honor of the "What's Happening" DVD set I just picked up:

Eartha Kitt on the Nat King Cole Show

Okay this is so cool it's just ridiculous. Eartha Kitt, back in the 1950s, performing "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" for Nat King Cole:

James Lipton Reciting K-Fed's "Popozao" on Conan O'Brien

We had previously determined that double fake rap (taking an already fake rap and doing a fake version of it) was a bad idea, but in this case it works. Maybe it only works if you start with someone like Kevin Federline, a fake rapper who doesn't know he's fake.

January 27, 2006

John Coltrane Quartet, 1964: "Afro Blue"

The quartet to end all quartets, on Ralph Gleason's "Jazz Casual" show.

Sequence - "Simon Says"

Obscure footage of the original female rap group, which real heads will know included someone we now call Angie Stone:

January 29, 2006

David Ruffin on Soul Train: "Common Man"

This one is all about the afros. My god, the afros.

Old Mini-Documentary on Def Jam Records

A sort of electronic press kit from 86 or so.. lots of footage of Def Jam's old office on Elizabeth Street, for my industry peoples who go back that far. I guess Rick or Russell told everyone that the day's talking point was "rap is like rock and roll"?

Jet Li "Fearless" Trailer

Jet Li says Fearless will be his last martial arts movie, and it looks like a hot one.. directed by Ronnie Yu with action by Yuen Woo-Ping. Seems to be a remake of Bruce Lee's "Fist of Fury" aka The Chinese Connection (the same one Jet and Yuen Woo Ping drew from in "Fist of Legend"). Here's the trailer that's screening in Asia right now:

Tupac Rips the Lecture Tour, 1992

Tupac Shakur speaking at an Atlanta banquet for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement:

Andre Cymone "Dance Electric" Video

One of the most slept-on Prince productions from that era. Kinda dark, but worth watching for their attempt to combine "Mad Max" and "Amadeus" with the "Beat It" video:

January 30, 2006

Trent Reznor's Old Band Option 30

A mulleted young Trent Reznor fronting his old new wave band, warbling through "Eyes Without A Face":

Seen in a few places but i'll credit to the coolest one which is Screenhead.

Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda (The Entire Movie)

The camp classic from Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi, posted in its entirety by Euterpe Jones who has almost 1,000 other crazy files uploaded.

Bizmarkie "Turn Tha Party Out" Video

A contribution from the soul imperialist

Tony Jaa Interrupts Promotion to Whoop Some Ass

It's hard being the most badass martial arts movie star in the world, because everywhere you go people want to test you. Like here, Ong Bak's Tony Jaa is minding his own business trying to promote his new film "Tom Yum Goong", and suddenly a movie soundtrack is playing and all these random dudes dressed in black just can't resist jumping up to get beat down:

Prince "Baby I'm A Star" at the 1985 Grammys

In most other ways he's still ridiculously young for his age, but I do miss these days when Prince really danced and tore up the stage like this:

January 31, 2006

Mcfadden & Whitehead on Soul Train "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"

Gene Mcfadden RIP. The world is losing a lot of soul lately.

Wilson Pickett on Soul Train

In memory of the Wicked Mr. Pickett, here a cool clip of the man on Soul Train, taking questions from the audience and singing "I'm in Love"

John Lee Hooker "Hobo Blues" Live in 1965

It's not credited but I believe this was recorded in Germany, at the American Folk Blues Festival in 1965. There's a DVD set with a bunch of great performances from that festival.

Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel "White Lines" Video

Directed in 1983 by a film student named Spike Lee, starring a very young Laurence Larry Fishburne.

Instructional Film from 1947: "Are You Popular?"

One of those educational filmstrips they used to show in high schools back in the day:

(courtesy of Euterpe Jones)

Cameo - "Shake Your Pants" Video

From back in 1980 when Cameo was a band with about a dozen people in it, and Larry Blackmon was on drums. No comment on the attire:

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