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February 13, 2011

Gary Shirley: Lose Weight Secrets!

Up until recently Gary Shirley was best known for losing a fight with his girlfriend on an infamous episode of the Teen Mom show. But now he's making news for losing something much healthier, as he has shown us all how easy it is to lose weight.

Gary has been on a diet plan for a while now, and sticking to healthy eating and exercise. He says getting the junk food and sugar out of his diet has taken him leaps and bounds forward in his quest to get the weight down. Hopefully that commitment to health will be contagious and his sometimes troubled family will continue on the path to stability!

Kate Hudson baby bump? (PICS)

"Teen Mom's" Gary Shirley is finally shedding that pesky extra weight. - no, not his baby mama - actual pounds! The 24-year-old father has reportedly enlisted the help of a personal trainer to assist him in his weight loss goals, according to TMZ. Gary, who has a 2-year-old daughter with infamous "Teen Mom" participant Amber Portwood, has always wanted to lose weight, but has reportedly been inspired to make it happen now that he's back with Amber, according to the site. A source for the site claims Gary is utilizing the Subway diet to cut calories, as well as eliminating fried food and junk food, and not eating late at night.

Kate Hudson baby bump? (PICS)

February 22, 2011

Libya, and $5 Per Gallon Gas?

As Libya falls into a crisis and possible civil war, there is a risk of great bloodshed for the people of that long suffering country. But for many Americans a bigger concern is whether gas prices could rise, as high as $5 per gallon.

Libya is a major provider of oil, and as the unrest throughout the Arab world threatens to spread, it is worried that oil may stop flowing to the rest of the world, and that lack of crude oil could make gas prices rise exponentially, leaving Americans paying much more at the pump.

I'd have to say personally I am more concerned with all of those human beings in Libya struggling for freedom, then whether we have to pay a little more for gas. But for those who want to continue following this story, see the link below.

Libya, and $5 Per Gallon Gas?

If political unrest in Libya spreads to other oil-rich countries and the ensuing chaos disrupts crude oil production, gas prices could hit $5 a gallon by peak summer driving season, industry analysts said.

Benchmark crude oil prices soared Monday, increasing about 6 percent to $95.39 a barrel for April contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange as violence and a military crackdown spread in Libya, the first major oil-producer hit by a burgeoning anti-government movement. The increased violence prompted BP and Norway's Statoil to pull oil workers from the country.

Libya, and $5 Per Gallon Gas?

R Kelly Backs African Supergroup

Is support from R Kelly a help or a curse? An African supergroup is set to take America by storm, showcasing a diverse mix of voices that let the world see all of Africa's musical talent. But will they be helped or hurt by the fact that controversial singer R Kelly is backing the group?

The group is named One8, and unites stars from right different African countries, described by Billboard magazine as some of the biggest stars in their respective home countries, who sell lots of CDs and concert tickets. But is America ready to embrace an African version of the "urban" sound? And will the masses support a group that gets prominent support from R Kelly, who is a gifted hitmaker but also very controversial for his charges of illicit acitivity with young girls It remains to be seen, but I hope these artists will get a fair shot, and are not judged by R Kelly's past.

R Kelly Backs African Supergroup

Eight African musical superstars have joined forces, on a mission to share their continent's music with a global audience. They have formed a pan-African supergroup, called ONE8, which has been tipped as one to watch this year by U.S.-based Billboard magazine -- the music industry's bible on what's hot and what's not. The group is set to release its debut album next month. The ambitious project has brought together diverse musicians from eight African countries, many of whom are huge in their homeland but relatively unknown elsewhere. "It's new urban Africa, it's fresh, it's liberating and most importantly it's positive," said ONE8's Amani, a Kenyan singer who won the MTV African Music Award for Best Female Artist in 2009.

R Kelly Backs African Supergroup

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