February 13, 2011

Gary Shirley: Lose Weight Secrets!

Up until recently Gary Shirley was best known for losing a fight with his girlfriend on an infamous episode of the Teen Mom show. But now he's making news for losing something much healthier, as he has shown us all how easy it is to lose weight.

Gary has been on a diet plan for a while now, and sticking to healthy eating and exercise. He says getting the junk food and sugar out of his diet has taken him leaps and bounds forward in his quest to get the weight down. Hopefully that commitment to health will be contagious and his sometimes troubled family will continue on the path to stability!

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"Teen Mom's" Gary Shirley is finally shedding that pesky extra weight. - no, not his baby mama - actual pounds! The 24-year-old father has reportedly enlisted the help of a personal trainer to assist him in his weight loss goals, according to TMZ. Gary, who has a 2-year-old daughter with infamous "Teen Mom" participant Amber Portwood, has always wanted to lose weight, but has reportedly been inspired to make it happen now that he's back with Amber, according to the site. A source for the site claims Gary is utilizing the Subway diet to cut calories, as well as eliminating fried food and junk food, and not eating late at night.

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Posted at February 13, 2011 6:18 AM