January 25, 2011

Ted Williams Leaves Rehab Early (VIDEO)

The story of Ted Williams continues to get more uncomfortable, as the man with e golden voice leaves rehab early against his doctors' recommendations, leaving many wondering if he'll ever be able to get things back together.

After becoming an instant media sensation, the homeless man was bombarded by media offers from good samaritans hoping to make a difference in his life (in font of the cameras of course) but soon it became obviosu that someone who has such serious problems needs a different kind of help than grand media gestures can provide.

Here's hoping Ted Williams will find the support he needs to really do some long hard work on recovery from addiction, and perhaps gets into another drug rehab that he is ready to make the most of.

Ted Williams Leaves Rehab

Ted Williams has called it quits on rehab. The "Man with the Golden Voice" left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas against his doctors' advice, TMZ.com reported. Williams became a YouTube sensation after an Ohio reporter filmed him along a roadside waving a handwritten sign to advertise his vocal gifts in the hopes of scoring a job in radio or TV broadcast. Before he won worldwide fame, Williams had long battled alcohol and crack addictions, but claimed he had kicked the habits. Dr. Phil McGraw, as many experts did, cautioned that Williams' journey would be tough even without the drastic life changes he'd experienced in such a short time.

Ted Williams Leaves Rehab

Posted at January 25, 2011 3:27 AM