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October 15, 2006

Miami vs. FlU College Football Fight

I guess the Miami Hurricanes and FIU Golden Panthers forgot which kind of football they were playing?

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Ludacris "Grew Up A Screw Up" Video w/ Young Jeezy

Ludacris' second single from the "Release Therapy" album, "Grew Up a Screw P" with Young Jeezy plus Biggie on the hook.

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Justin Timberlake "My Love" Video

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland plus TI, back at it with the "Let Me Talk To You / My Love" video, including an extra extended intro..

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October 16, 2006

Harmony "Poundcake" Video

The Video Music Box classic from KRS One's sister. "I did you like I did you cuz I thought you could take it.."

October 17, 2006

Stephen Colbert Wants His Cut of Youtube's Google Money

Now that you mention it, Tuberaider must be due for a check as well. Hey Jason, call my lawyer!

Game Gets in Beef With England's "B6 Slash" Crew

Things I don't know: What the heck they are fighting about in this video.

Things I do know: there's something unsettling about hearing British dudes say "nigga" this much.

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UFC 64: Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Takes out Rich Franklin at the latest UFC this weekend, a nice clip if you enjoy seeing people catching knees in the face. Grab it while you can, UFC is taking these down quick fast lately.

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Isis (a.k.a. Linque) "Rebel Soul" video

Another female voice from the golden age. What's the word? Zoom! To the east..

Big Mama Thornton "Hound Dog"

At the American Folk Blues Festival in the early 60s. THere's a slightly longer version of this clip here, but that dude doesn't allow you to embed his videos in other pages.

Borat and Jon Stewart on "Night of Too Many Stars"

Borat is all over the place on youtube right now.. it's a good time to be alive.

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October 18, 2006

Christina Aguilera "Hurt" Video

Christina Aguilera's new circus-themed video "Hurt" ..not, thankfully, another remake of the NIN track. At certain angles in this video, I thought she was starting to resemble Tori Amos, anybody else see that? This is Christina's first stab at co-directing a video, alongside Floria Sigismondi from the "Fighter" video.

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Full Force "Alice, I Want You Just For Me" Video

The most underrated Hip-Hop/R&B pioneers of the 80s.. I found this while on an unsucessful search for "Your Love Is So Def", anybody know where I can find that?

Dennis Green Press Conference Freakout

Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green keeps it extra trill, after his boys let the Chicago Bears steal last week's game away.

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Vintage "New York Hot Tracks" Footage

All my real live New Yorkers throw your hands up! The public access show "Latinos en Accion" gives us a rare-as-hell trip into the past with highlights from one of NY's first local video shows, "New York Hot Tracks." Hosted by local radio jock Carlos DeJesus (later taken over by Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams, A.K.A. Jesse and Angie from All My Children).

"Yo Vid Kid, I've been thinking... have you seen Hot Tracks lately?"

October 19, 2006

The Daily Show on Madonna's Malawi Adoption

Featuring The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent, Larry WIlmore:

October 20, 2006

DJ Shadow "Enuff" Video w/ Q-Tip

DJ Shadow's new video for "Enuff", featuring Q-Tip, Lateef and a lot of boxes. I want to see the box creature from this video fight the box creature from Beck's new video.

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Beck "Cell Phone's Dead" Video

Directed by my man Michel Gondry, so not surprisingly a pretty awesome video, for Beck's new single "Cell Phone's Dead." I'm trying to pretend I never found out he's a Scientologist, so I may fully enjoy this.

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Bar Kays "Your Place Or Mine" Video" 1985

Prince was a wonderful/terrible influence on a lot of people in the 80s, and this may be the best/worst example you'll ever see.

Jibbs "Chain Hang Low" video

The video for Jibbs' current hit 'Chain Hang Low' which lots of people are looking for, though listening to this makes my brain hang low.

October 23, 2006

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Kevin Randleman at Pride FC 32

Kevin Randleman takes on Shogun Rua at Pride 32, the first Pride event in America.

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Fergie "Fergalicious" Video (Updated 11/11/06)

By request, and strictly by request, Fergie's new video, err, "Fergalicious." I'll say this, Will.I.Am threw together some nice beats for her album. I'd like to see him work with some non-headache inducing artists (i.e. nobody from his camp, and keep himself off the mic)

Mark Coleman vs. Fedor Emelianenko at Pride 32 "Real Deal"

The main event from Pride Fighting's debut in America, Mark Coleman against the most feared and respected fighter in the game, Fedor Emelianenko.

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Pink "Nobody Knows" Video

Pink's 4th video from the "I'm Not Dead" album, the slow sad song "Nobody Knows," and as always a slow sad song means many dark shots of lonely hotel rooms..

Parliament "Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome" TV Ad

A rare TV Promo for the classic P-Funk album:

October 24, 2006

The Game "Let's Ride"

The Game's new video "Let's Ride," in which he says Dr. Dre's name about a dozen times while attending what appears to be the same party seen in the Dre Day video.

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Clipse "Wamp Wamp" Video w/ Slim Thug

(The) Clipse drop "Wamp Wamp," their first video from the most anticipated recording in the history of sound, "Hell Hath No Fury." Standard cookie cutter rap video fare, but I'm happy enough to see the boys in action that I won't complain.

CPO "This Beat is Funky"

A 4 minute action thriller movie from CPO, co-starring MC Ren and Eazy E.. how much more fun is this than today's rap videos?

October 25, 2006

Ciara "Promise" Video

Ciaras' video for her new single "Promise", the Prince-iest Prince imitation since Ready For the World rocked "Oh Sheila." (Not hating, I wish more artists took it back like that)

Ciara "Promise" music video

Noisettes "Don't Give Up" Video

One of my favorite songs from ove the summer, "Don't Give Up" by London's Shingai Shoniwa and the the Noisettes.. I guess the song is pretty old but this video's new?

Sister Rosetta Tharpe "Didn't It Rain" 1964

Blues/Gospel diva Rosetta Tharpe doing "Didn't It Rain" on a UK TV special.. Europe sure was importing a lot of blues back in the day.

Barbara Lynn "What'd I Say" Video 1966?

Barbara Lynn is killing this rendition of Ray's "What I Say" I believe this is in 1966, and the intro is from the old school DJ Hoss Allen hosting a show named "The Beat"?

October 27, 2006

Battle of the Album Covers

Via uglypictures.us:


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