October 24, 2006

The Game "Let's Ride"

The Game's new video "Let's Ride," in which he says Dr. Dre's name about a dozen times while attending what appears to be the same party seen in the Dre Day video.

the customary snark from pitchfork:

Give your dad a one-sentence synopsis of Game's career-- dubious gangster catches Dr. Dre's ear but pisses off Dr. Dre's moneymaker, 50 Cent, then spends the rest of his time clamoring for attention from both-- and, without even hearing it, he could probably karaoke to "Let's Ride", the first official single from The Devil's Advocate. What an embarrassment this song turned out to be, lumberingly obvious and poorly crafted from the first awkward gang reference to the last Dre namedrop. Nobody has said "G-Unot" for months. Come on. The "Hug me, Dre" desperation could bring a tear to the eye of the confused, Documentary-loving hangbanger on the back wall-- but that's about it. This guy really needs to stop giving the West Coast mouth-to-mouth.
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this song is better than one blood. The game wil drop his new album and become number 1 on the charts if you like it or not.

Posted by: austin at November 13, 2006 7:35 PM