July 5, 2009

VIDEO: Lisa Welchel & Women of Faith

Lisa Welchel is popular lately for her role representing Women of Faith, a women's Christian group.

VIDEO: Lisa Welchel & Women of Faith

Actress Lisa Welchel played Blair Warner on the popular 80's show, 'The Facts of Life.' This weekend she is in town to promote a 'Women of Faith' event taking place this weekend at Chaifetz Arena. About 10,000 women are expect to attend this event. Welchel spoke about the event.

For nine years we followed her adventures as Blair Warner on NBC’s The Facts of Life but Lisa’s real life is just as interesting. After a successful acting career (she was a Mouseketeer for The New Mickey Mouse Club before Blair) Lisa married, had children, and began her greatest—and most challenging—role as a wife and mother. When she found herself feeling “isolated and alone” with three children in diapers, Lisa started MomTime Ministries with the goal of refreshing and equipping other mothers. She’s also the author of books on homeschooling, scrapbooking, parenting and more. Lisa’s family includes son Tucker, daughters Haven and Clancy, and husband Steve. They live in Texas. See video of Lisa Whelchel discussing her Women of Faith work here.

VIDEO: Lisa Welchel & Women of Faith

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