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September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Convention Speech, 2008 (VIDEO)

Video of Sarah Palin's convention speech at the 2008 Republican convention, GOP 2008.. a very well delivered speech from Gov. Sarah Palin, although very negative, and insulting people who work in the community was an unfortunate thing for her to do. She was insulting many people in the GOP base who work in the community with their church.. strange thing to do.

Sarah Palin Convention Speech, GOP 2008 (video)

In the most important speech of her life, Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin fired back Wednesday against the media and the "Washington elite" for raising questions about her personal and political background.

"I've learned quickly these past few days that if you're not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone," Palin said in excerpts of her speech to the Republican convention, released in advance.

"But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country."

Most Americans had never heard of her a week ago, but Palin was taking centre stage at the party's convention in the hopes of earning their trust.

The 44-year-old Alaskan governor played up her small-town roots and her experience as mayor of Wasilla, a town with the population of 6,700.

Sarah Palin GOP Convention Speech, 2008 (video)

Rudy Giuliani 2008 Convention Speech VIDEO

Video of Rudy Giuliani's hate filled speech at the 2008 Republican Convention. This entire night of the convention was like a hate rally, so negative! It's hard to believe them when they say they want to reach across party lines, after performances like we saw tonight.

Rudy Giuliani 2008 Convention Speech VIDEO

Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani launched a scalding assault on Barack Obama on Wednesday, branding him the least experienced presidential candidate in 100 years.

The hero of September 11, 2001, rocked the Republican convention to the rafters as the party's vaunted attack machine awoke and tore into the Democrats in a bid to erase Obama's lead in the polls ahead of the November 4 election.

"He is the least experienced candidate for president of the United States in at least the last 100 years," said Giuliani, combining forensic prosecutorial skills with the bare knuckles of a political streetfighter.

"Not a personal attack, a statement of fact. Barack Obama has never led anything, nothing, nada."

Giuliani, who became an American hero after his role in stewarding his city through the September 11 attacks, also rode to the defense of under-fire Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

Democrats have argued that Palin's first elective office as the mayor of a small Alaska town is barely a blip on her resume, as she argues she has the requisite experience to serve a "heartbeat" away from the presidency.

But Giuliani gave the impression that as a former mayor himself, he was offended.

"I'm sorry that Barack Obama feels that her hometown isn't cosmopolitan enough," Giuliani said, sparking gales of laughter from the convention audience.

"I'm sorry, Barack, that it's not flashy enough," said Giuliani, plugging into a Republican attack narrative that the Democratic presidential nominee is an elitist and a "celebrity."

"Maybe they cling to religion there," he said, again bringing the house down, referencing an unguarded comment that Obama made at a fundraiser during the Democratic primary that some working class Americans bitter at their economic circumstances turn to gun ownership and religion.

Rudy Giuliani 2008 Convention Speech VIDEO

September 5, 2008

John McCain Convention Speech, GOP 2008 (video)

Video of John McCain's speech to the 2008 republican national convention.

John McCain Convention Speech, GOP 2008 (video)

ohn McCain, a POW turned political rebel, vowed Thursday night to vanquish the "constant partisan rancor" that grips Washington as he launched his fall campaign for the White House. "Change is coming," he promised the roaring Republican National Convention and a prime-time television audience.

"Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight for what's right for our country," he said in a convention crescendo.

To repeated cheers from his delegates, McCain made only passing reference to an unpopular George W. Bush and criticized fellow Republicans as well as Democratic rival Barack Obama in reaching out to independents and swing voters who will pick the next president.

"We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us," he said of the Republicans who controlled Congress for a dozen years before they were voted out of office in 2006.

As for Obama, he said, "I will keep taxes low and cut them where I can. My opponent will raise them. I will cut government spending. He will increase it."

McCain's wife, Cindy, and ticketmate Sarah Palin and her husband joined him on stage as tens of thousands red, white and blue balloons cascaded from high above the convention floor.

Unlike Obama's speech a week ago, McCain offered no soaring oratory until his speech-ending summons to fight for the country's future.

But his own measured style left his crowd cheering, and as is his habit in campaign stops around the country, he stepped off the stage to plunge into the crowd after his speech.

McCain's appearance was the climax of the final night of the party convention, coming after delegates made Palin the first female vice presidential nominee in Republican history.

John McCain Convention Speech, GOP 2008 (video)

September 7, 2008

Rashad Evans vs, Chuck Liddell UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Video of the shocking knockout of Chuck Liddell by Rashad Evans, at UFC 88. I'd like to see a full version where we see him come out to Immortal Technique, gotta love him for representing like that.

Rashad Evans vs, Chuck Liddell UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Rashad Evans knocked Chuck Liddell cold Saturday at UFC 88 in Atlanta.

The shocking finish came at 1:51 of the second round. Liddell had backed his opponent into the cage, where the future UFC Hall of Famer loaded the right hand that has made him one of the few millionaire mixed martial artists.

Evans, an undefeated 28-year-old who has been fighting for roughly four years, flashed a jab that he followed quickly with an overhand right. At that precise moment, Liddell was throwing an uppercut. Evans’ punch landed first, and it landed on Liddell’s chin.

Liddell dropped instantly, and there was no doubt that the fight was over. He lay face-first on the canvas until referee Herb Dean (Pictures) rolled him over.

The fighters had covered plenty of ground during the first five minutes. They circled, pursued, were pursued, punched occasionally. It wasn’t a period worth replaying. Evans was elusive, but Liddell won the round.

Early in the second, Liddell seemed to get what he wanted: an exchange. Neither man connected with anything damaging, but Evans came out of it with the look of someone who had stood in the pocket with Liddell and more than survived there. Soon Evans was scoring with a left hook, and Liddell was closing in, thinking perhaps that Evans was falling into his game plan. The final exchange followed, leaving Liddell on the ground for several minutes before he was up and moving about again.

Rashad Evans vs, Chuck Liddell UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Video - Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Video of Rich Franklin's return victory over Matt Hamill at UFC 88.

Video - Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill UFC 88 link

Rich Franklin’s return to the light heavyweight division was a relatively smooth one, as the former UFC middleweight champion downed the game but still evolving wrestler Matt Hamill (Pictures) with a left body kick for the referee stoppage 39 seconds into the third round at UFC 88 “Breakthrough” in Atlanta.

A move made out of necessity after two brutal losses to titleholder Anderson Silva (Pictures) -- who continues to wreck havoc through the middleweight division with no signs of stopping -- a focused Franklin utilized his experience, patience and poise to keep “The Ultimate Fighter 3” alumnus at bay.

Franklin (24-3) paced himself through the first round with inside and outside kicks. Hamill, who switched to a southpaw stance early on, didn’t land often but opened a sizable gash underneath Franklin’s right eye by grazing him with his left glove. A three-time NCAA wrestling champion, Hamill (4-2) executed his only takedown near the end of the first five-minute spell with ease, but couldn’t take advantage as Franklin flowed to an armbar attempt, then escaped to his feet with little effort.

The senior fighter held onto his lead into the second round, continuing to score against Hamill with a steady diet of leg and body kicks. Every attempt the 31-year-old Hamill made to close the distance was met with Franklin’s uppercuts and body knees in the clinch. Franklin only seemed in danger when referee Mario Yamasaki halted the bout briefly for a doctor’s evaluation of his gaping cut. But the fight continued on, and Franklin managed to open Hamill’s face in reply with his constant charge forward.

Franklin grounded his fellow Cincinnati native less than a minute into the final round with a spot-on left body kick. Hamill, whose only loss to Michael Bisping (Pictures) at UFC 75 a year ago was one of the most controversial decisions in UFC history, folded to the mat. Gripping his right side, Hamill tapped out just as the referee intervened.

Video - Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill UFC 88

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Video of Dan Henderson's victory by decision over Rousimar Palhares at UFC 88.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO) link

Dan Henderson (Pictures) entered UFC 88 on Saturday at Philips Arena in Atlanta staring at the possibility of three straight losses.

Worse yet, Rousimar Palhares (Pictures) is the caliber of opponent who could very well have handed him that third consecutive defeat. The 28-year-old Brazilian Top Team standout wasn’t well known entering the middleweight bout, but those who had seen him fight knew he could give Henderson trouble.

Right away each man’s strategy was clear. Palhares, wanting the fight on the ground, initiated the action with a takedown attempt. Henderson, wanting to stay on the feet, stuffed the shot and fed Palhares a right hand to the jaw.

Henderson, 38, fighting out of Team Quest in Temecula, Calif., punished Palhares for his failed takedowns. An uppercut dropped the Brazilian at one point, but his chin held up and sent the fight into the second round.

That stanza arguably went to Palhares, who wasn’t just shooting for takedowns. He used an unorthodox kicking game off scrambles to keep Henderson guessing and occasionally sucking air after catching a shin into his gut. Palhares also planted the lifelong wrestler on his back in the second round with a thudding slam, then quickly went to work on a heel hook that might have tapped a lesser opponent.

Henderson escaped, though, and shrugged off the danger after the fight.

“My knee was pretty much out the whole time,” he said. “I knew that I didn’t want to sit there, but I also knew that he really didn’t have it.”

Moments after the submission attempt, Henderson was back on his feet and countering takedowns with uppercuts that perhaps won him the round.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO) link Also in middleweight action, Nathan Marquardt (Pictures) buckled Martin Kampmann (Pictures)’s knees less than a minute into their bout.

A head kick had done the damage, stunning Kampmann and sending him stumbling into the cage. Marquardt, 29, pursued with more punches while his opponent tried to tie him up.

Kampmann, 26, known as a good kickboxer, never recovered. Shortly after the head kick, he took a knee to the chin and went reeling across the Octagon, where again he was trapped against the fence. Marquardt was aggressive but smart, taking aim on his hurt opponent with accurate hooks and uppercuts.

“One thing I learned from my experience is not to just go crazy when you get a guy hurt like that,” said Marquardt, who improved to 27-8-2 while bouncing back from his split-decision loss to Thales Leites (Pictures) in June. “You have to get nice, accurate shots and land them right on the chin.”

That’s where his uppercuts connected on Kampmann. The strikes ripped through the Dane’s desperate defense, and a right hand to the body opened him up for a flurry that sat him down for good.

Marquardt was still punching when referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the bout at 1:22 for Kampmann’s first loss in the UFC.

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO)

September 8, 2008

Kanye West "Love Lockdown" Video, Lyrics

VMA Video: Kanye West "Love Lockdown" ----------

Video for the new track from Kanye West "Love Lockdown" which debuted on the otherwise dull VMAs. Video above, lyrics below.

Kanye West "Love Lockdown" Lyrics

Im not lovin you, the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you
Im in love with you, but the vibe is wrong
And that haunted me, all the way home
So ya never know, never never know
Never know enough, til its over love
Til we lose control, system overload
Screamin no no no, no no
I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to
See I wanna move, but cant escape from you
So I keep it low, keep a secret code
So everybody else dont have to know

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
You keep ya love lock down, you lose

Im not lovin you, the way I wanted to
I cant keep my cool, so I keep it true
I got somethin to lose, so I gotta move
I cant keep myself, and still keep you too
So I keep in mind, when Im on my own
Somewhere far from home, In the danger zone
How many times did it take til I finally got through
you lose, you lose
I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to
See I had to go, see I had to go
No more wastein time, we cant wait for life
which is wastin time, wheres the finish line

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
You keep ya love lock down, you lose

Im not lovin you, the way i wanted to
I met no one new, I got no one new
No I said im through, but got love for you
But im not lovin you, the way I wanted to
Gotta keep it goin, keep the lovin goin
Keep it on a roll, only god knows
Am I into you, baby im confused
You choose, you choose
I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to
Way I got to go, I dont need you
I been on this road, too many times before
I aint lovin you, the way I wanted to

So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, you lose
So keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love locked down, ya love locked down
If you keep ya love locked down, ya love locked down
Keepin ya love lock down, you lose

Kanye West "Love Lockdown" Lyrics

September 11, 2008

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Matt Damon rips Sarah Palin in a video from nbc, and honestly, it's hard to deny what he's saying. Actuary tables, man. Actuary tables.

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Actor Matt Damon said a Sarah Palin presidency would be like "a really bad Disney movie."

"I think there's a really good chance Sarah Palin could become president, and I think that's a really scary thing," he told the Associated Press, referring to the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Click here to see the Damon video

Damon suggested the odds are John McCain won't survive his first term.

"It's like a really bad Disney movie," he said. "The hockey mom, you know, 'Oh, I'm just a hockey mom'... and she's facing down [Russian] President Putin... It's totally absurd... It's a really terrifying possibility."

Damon also said he believes she was chosen for "political purposes."

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin: Charles Gibson ABC interview (VIDEO)

Video of Sarah Palin's first interview, with ABC's Charles Gibson.. I have to say, Sarah Palin did not seem to know the issues very well.

Sarah Palin: Charles Gibson ABC interview (VIDEO)

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for vice president, defended her credentials to become president and took a hard line against Russia in her first extended interview since she was nominated.

If Russia invaded a NATO ally, it could eventually face military action from the United States, she warned in the first of three sessions with ABC News anchor Charles Gibson. The interview, taped today, will be broadcast tonight on "World News With Charles Gibson." Other parts of the interviews will be broadcast on the network's other news shows: "Nightline" tonight and "Good Morning America," "World News" and "20/20" on Friday.

"And you think it would be worth it to the United States, Georgia is worth it to the United States, to go to war, if Russia were to invade?" Gibson pressed.

Palin replied that the United States needs to be vigilant, but she argued that steps such as economic sanctions should be considered first.

"It doesn't have to lead to war and it doesn't have to lead, as I said, to a cold war, but economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure, again, counting on our allies to help us," she said.

Russia recently invaded Georgia to protect two Georgian enclaves, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which seek independence from Georgia and have long leaned toward Moscow. Georgia has tried to regain control over the enclaves in the past and Russia has intervened.

GOP presidential nominee John McCain condemned Russia's incursion into Georgia last month, as did his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, though McCain took the harder line, leaping to Georgia's defense early and often.

Palin's position seems consistent with McCain's. The Arizona senator has called for a reexamination of all relations with Russia and heightened security arrangements with Ukraine. He initially ruled out military action but later seemed to leave the door open.

"I really hesitate to talk about a military option at this time because I think that would escalate rather than de-escalate what we want to see achieved here," McCain said at the Aspen Institute. "There's plenty of time in the future, depending on Russia's behavior there and in the region, to talk about the other options."

Sarah Palin: Charles Gibson ABC interview (VIDEO)

September 27, 2008

John McCain Says "Horseshit" in Debate? (VIDEO)

John McCain Says "Horseshit" in Debate? (VIDEO)

Video of John McCain saying the word "horseshit", not once but twice, in last night's presidential debate vs. Barack Obama?

Apparently Keith Olbermann has reported that he heard John McCain saying "course not, course not", instead of "horseshit, horseshit.

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