September 7, 2008

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO) link Also in middleweight action, Nathan Marquardt (Pictures) buckled Martin Kampmann (Pictures)’s knees less than a minute into their bout.

A head kick had done the damage, stunning Kampmann and sending him stumbling into the cage. Marquardt, 29, pursued with more punches while his opponent tried to tie him up.

Kampmann, 26, known as a good kickboxer, never recovered. Shortly after the head kick, he took a knee to the chin and went reeling across the Octagon, where again he was trapped against the fence. Marquardt was aggressive but smart, taking aim on his hurt opponent with accurate hooks and uppercuts.

“One thing I learned from my experience is not to just go crazy when you get a guy hurt like that,” said Marquardt, who improved to 27-8-2 while bouncing back from his split-decision loss to Thales Leites (Pictures) in June. “You have to get nice, accurate shots and land them right on the chin.”

That’s where his uppercuts connected on Kampmann. The strikes ripped through the Dane’s desperate defense, and a right hand to the body opened him up for a flurry that sat him down for good.

Marquardt was still punching when referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the bout at 1:22 for Kampmann’s first loss in the UFC.

Nathan Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Posted at September 7, 2008 3:50 AM