January 14, 2011

Mindy Lawton: Jail Time?

One of the many alleged mistresses in the Tiger Woods marital infidelity scandal, Mindy Lawton, is back in the news for an even worse reason: she might be going to jail. Lawton is being sentenced for a drunk driving arrest, which led to a conviction a year ago.

The accident left another driver with numerous injuries, a very serious situation that everyone should avoid by not driving while drunk. Your car insurance rates will skyrocket, and you will have those injuries, or worse, on your conscience for the rest of your life. Don't do it.

Lawton's attorney's will try to help her as best they can, but it is a very bad situation no matter how you cut it.

Mindy Lawton Jail

One of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, Mindy Lawton, is going to spend the next year in jail. The woman, who gave a detailed account of her relationship with Woods, was sentenced for a drunk driving conviction from about a year ago. The accident, her running a red light and crashing into another car, left the other driver with multiple injuries. While her much-publicized account of the two year affair with Tiger made her famous, she now has her own situation to hang her hat on.

Mindy Lawton Jail

Posted at January 14, 2011 11:37 AM