January 5, 2011

Oprah Fans Upset to Pay for OWN!

Oprah Winfrey's new TV network is already soarking lots of discussion, but not all of it is positive! There's a growing rebellion among at least some of her fans, as they discover her channel doesn't always come with their basic cable package.

Oprah's OWN net work debuted this weekend, but in many markets is only a part of more premium packages that cost $15 or so more per month to get extra special channels. On Oprah's message boards fans have been raising a stink, complaining that they cannot afford these additional fees.

But as others have pointed out, her fans have always paid for Oprah Winfrey books, Oprah magazine and other such things, so why should they resist paying a bit for her now much expanded tv offering?

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For 25 years, Oprah's fans have gotten her for free. But now that her syndicated network show is coming to an end with the launch of OWN on pay cable, some longtime viewers are saying goodbye to their guru. As reported (though, it seems, overblown) by the New York Post on Sunday, the message board on Oprah.com has several posts by disgruntled fans who claim they can't afford OWN, which took over Discovery Heath's premium-cable spot with a much-publicized launch on Saturday. According to comments, in some cable markets the cable tv package that includes OWN costs up to fifteen dollars extra per month, or around fifty cents per day.

Sgt. Matthew Neu and Threat Against the President

Posted at January 5, 2011 8:43 AM