January 14, 2011

Hugh Hefner Engagement Ring: $90,000! (VIDEO)

As Hugh Hefner enters into his latest supposed magazine founder has invested deeply in the farce, err, relationship, buying a $90,000 engagement ring from some lucky jeweler.

The flamboyant diamond jewelry is sure to bring lots of attention to this charade, err, romance. Crystal Harris showed off her sparkly jewels in a tweet this week, showing her diamond ring with pride for all who care to follow this triviality. According to one jewelry appraiser, this ring is notable because "the round center gives the ring a classic style, while micro pave makes it more modern and youthful," After purportedly dating since the beginning 2009 will be Hefner's third marriage, and Crystal's first. Best of luck to them with whatever this is!

His previous girlfriend Madison was supposedly hoping to have a wedding with Hefner as well so she will be expressing those totally real not contrived for the media feelings in a televised confrontation with Hefner and his fiance about Hugh Hefner buying a $90,000 engagement ring for Crystal.

Famous May-December Couples

It's not unusual to have mixed feelings about your ex getting married, but when matrimony is the very reason you broke up, well, it can be a little extra uncomfortable. Holly Madison said she was "very surprised" to hear Hugh Hefner recently proposed to his latest gal pal, Crystal Harris, since she and the magazine honcho split in 2008 due to his refusal to wed. Instead, 31-year-old Madison chose to share her thoughts with Hefner in person -- and with the cameras rolling for her upcoming reality show "Holly's World."

Famous May-December Couples

Posted at January 14, 2011 10:37 AM