March 1, 2010

Alex Rodriguez Car Accident! (NEWS)

Alex Rodriguez risked damaging his highly valued body and his highly valued car, as he got into a car accident last thursday in Tampa Florida.

A-Rod was in a minor crash in his Maybach, an elite luxury car that costs almost half a million dollars.

The accident was apparently only a fender-bender in Tampa near the spring training stadium, and made few waves outside of A-Rod and his car insurance overseers.

Yankee spokesmen downplayed news of the accident, indicating it was barely worth commenting on.

The Maybach is a German luxury car, revived in recent years by Mercedes-Benz, that is one of the most expensive on the market, and recently made even more famous as it became a favorite for rappers to name-drop.

Tampa Florida car dealers were likely hoping Alex Rodriguez might be in the market for a replacement, but it looks like they'll have no such luck.

Alex Rodriguez Car Accident News

Alex Rodriguez and his car are A-OK. Asked about the minor car accident he was involved in on Thursday, A-Rod delivered a quick laugh yesterday, amused that the incident was drawing any attention at all. "I wouldn't even call it (an accident)," Rodriguez told the Daily News yesterday. "I was going about two miles per hour. It was a fender-bender. "You couldn't even tell on my car. There wasn't even a scratch." Rodriguez said the incident involving his $400,000 Maybach occurred "early" Thursday morning..

Alex Rodriguez Car Accident News

Posted at March 1, 2010 7:45 AM