February 27, 2010

Whitney Houston Tour News

As Whitney Houston continues her comeback bid, but keeps giving shaky performances on her concert tour, many are asking questions about the pop icon's physical health. The questions have reached a fever pitch after a terrible Australia show, but she still insists nothing is wrong.

Whitney was away from performing for years, suffering through well-documented drug problems in addition to a drama-plagued tabloid feeding family life with Bobby Brown. And when she finally made her comeback attempt last year, millions of fans were rooting for her to rise back to the top of the pop charts.

But with her first public performances fans immediately noticed the voice wasn't what it used to be, in fact she seemed to be struggling to keep her breath and sing on key at all, and not even coming near the high notes and vocal power she used to show.

Whitney Houston Tour News

Though video postings of her recent performances in Australia have been less than flattering, Whitney Houston says her tour is going great -- and she's in great health. Houston's publicist, Kristen Foster, released a statement Thursday, saying: "Whitney is in great health and having a terrific time on her tour and with her fans. She said more than 9,000 people attended Houston's show in Brisbane and more than 12,000 were at Acer Arena in Sydney...

Whitney Houston Tour News

Posted at February 27, 2010 4:46 AM