February 22, 2010

Scott Lago Racy Pictures (NEWS)

Olympic medalist Scott Lago has left the Olympics, after racy pictures were published of him partying with his Olympic medal on.

The pictures were posted by TMZ, and they show a woman kneeling below Scott Lago's waist, and kissing his medal, which he had tied around his waist.

Lago has already apologized to the US Olympic Committee and the Ski and Snowboard assocation, but many believe he was asked to leave the Olympic Village due to the poor judgment shown, although the official story is that he left voluntarily.

Some including TMZ themselves have said this punishment is uncalled for, and really shouldn't be such a big deal, but purists insist that proper conduct is always to be taklen seriously at an event like the Olympics where you are representing your country. see below for more info and photos:

Scott Lago Racy Pictures (NEWS)

Since 1912, scandals and controversies have marred the Olympics. Scotty Lago, Olympic Halfpipe medalist, found out the hard way what happens when celebrity hits. What some are calling "racy" pictures made Lago walk away from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Lago apologized to the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association after celebrity stalker site, TMZ, posted pictures of him taken at a party on Thursday night...

Scott Lago Racy Pictures (NEWS)

Posted at February 22, 2010 5:05 PM