February 27, 2010

WWE: Undertaker Burned in the Ring! (VIDEO)

Footage has finally emerged of the accident in which the Undertaker got burned during a taping of a Pay Per View WWE Wrestling special.

Undertaker is one of the all-time most famous professional wrestlers, and was on his way to the stage when a pyrotechnics display malfunctioned and set his costime on fire.

Undertaker showed what a tough guy and true professional he was by continuing straight into the ring despite the accident,

At first there was no video of the accident, as it was not visible in the actual broadcast, but fan footage of it has since surfaced and is circulating online. Fans reported that he was completely engulfed in flame for a couple of secconds.

Whatever you say about wrestling being fake, ,you can't deny the courage and fortitude Undertaker showed by walking straight through this brush with death straight into the ring and completing his match.

WWE: Undertaker Burned in the Ring! (VIDEO)

Video of the pyrotechnics accident that left WWE star The Undertaker burned at Sunday night's Elimination Chamber pay per view has surfaced. The video, which was shot by fans in attendance, clearly shows a fireball shoot up directly underneath him, completely engulfing the WWE legend in flames. That part was not visible on WWE's broadcast as the flame was obstructed by the smoke used during his entrance.

WWE: Undertaker Burned in the Ring! (VIDEO)

Posted at February 27, 2010 2:33 AM