February 26, 2010

Beauty Queen Beverly Hills Scandal

In an incident reminiscent of the Carrie Prejean scandal, another beauty pageant winner is being ousted thanks to her outspoken conservative views.

This time it is the the contestant representing Beverly Hills in the latest Miss California pageant, and after she was quoted speaking out against same sex marriage, Beverly Hills residents including the town's mayor spoke out against her stance.

The Mayor said her statements go against the tradition of tolerance Beverly Hills has always tried to maintain.

Furthermore, the Mayor points out that the contestant, Lauren Ashley, doesn't even live in Berverly Hills! Really, as these scandals continue to arise, one wonders whether the beauty pageant tradition really even fits into today's world anymore.

Beauty Queen Beverly Hills Controversy

Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne said Wednesday she is outraged over a Miss California USA contestant who is claiming to represent the city in the upcoming pageant and who spoke out against same-sex marriage in recent media interviews. Krasne said in a statement that 23-year-old Lauren Ashley does not live in Beverly Hills or represent the city in any capacity. Krasne said she was shocked to see statements made by a beauty pageant contestant under the name of Beverly Hills, "which has a long history of tolerance and respect..."

Beauty Queen: Beverly Hills: Out!

Posted at February 26, 2010 3:10 AM