February 26, 2010

Anthony Hopkins vs. Paris HIlton! (NEWS)

Paris Hilton is no stranger to criticism, but today she's getting heat from a new source: acting great Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins, an Oscar winning actor, spoke about going to buy gifts for his wife and being disturbed by the images all around him of scarily skinny women, and all of the celebrity culture that promotes this image and glorifies people who have no substannce either physically or mentally.

Hopkins said: "You look at fashion magazines and you think, 'What are we living in?' You look at the red carpet, Paris Hilton, you know, these people and you think, 'Is there anything going on up there?' It's a mass enslavement and it's kind of fascism. And it's the androgyny of it; the androgyny of the human soul. I don't think people think any more. But maybe I'm just old."

I'm not sure what he means about androgyny, but it's hard to disagree that the mass media images, especially of women, set us up to be chasing an ideal that is both unattainable and undesirable, and only keeps us in an endless loop of insecurity and consumption, hating ourselves and buying their products. It's the American way!

Anthony Hopkins vs. Paris HIlton! (NEWS)

Sir Anthony Hopkins has taken aim at Paris Hilton and the current crop of celebrity socialites, comparing them to soulless "machines." The actor is fed up with skinny models and stars on the red carpet who lack substance -- and he's singled out the heiress for appearing to have nothing "going on up there". He tells the Daily Express UK, "We're living in a pretty strange time. I went into a shop to buy my wife some clothes and I wanted them gift-wrapped. And they had this big plasma screen on with these women on the catwalk. I thought, 'God almighty, what have we become?' These girls -- anorexic, walking like machines, no soul...

Anthony Hopkins vs. Paris HIlton! (NEWS)

Posted at February 26, 2010 5:04 PM