March 5, 2010

Frances Gallo: Six Conditions Unfair?

Frances Gallo, who runs a school district in Rhode Island, has set off a firestorm by trying to enforce new expectations on teachers and staff in her district, and firing almost 100 teachers who refused to abide by her new rules.

Frances had set in place six conditions for the teachers to agree to, and the teachers felt these new expectations were unfair.

Critics remind teachers that they are among the highest paid in the country, by their state's salaries, and should buck it up and work harder for the kids.

But others say it;s not that simnple, and teachers shouldn't let themselves get pushed aro9und by the bureaucracy when they already give their all for the students.

Even Obama himself has issued a statement on the firings, seeming to defend it as justified even if painful.

Frances Gallo: Six Conditions Too Many?

Inside the front door to Central Falls High School, across the street from a boarded-up building, an archway is adorned with an unambiguous boast: "Through these halls pass the world's best faculty and students.'' It is a motto that rings false for the local school board, which recently voted to fire all of the school's staff in a stunning move that made Central Falls a lightning rod in the polarizing debate over improving the country's education system. Even President Obama weighed in, holding up the Feb. 23 vote to fire all 93 teachers, administrators, and support staff as a painful but potentially necessary move.

Frances Gallo: Six Conditions Too Many?

Posted at March 5, 2010 6:57 AM