March 5, 2010

Rhode Island Teachers Fired (VIDEO)

A fierce battle is raging in Rhode Island, where almost 100 teachers have been fired after refusing to take on new job duties enforced by the district.

The teachers in Rhode Island are actively protesting what they call egregiously unfair treatment., after they were canned and kicked out the schools many of them had worked at for years

But the district felt it was necessary since they refused to to abide by the six conditions newly put in place by the district.

Defenders of the decision include President Obama himself, and many point out that the teachers are among the highest paid in the country for their positions, and perhaps ought to be willing to go thne extra mile.

Rhode Island Teachers Fired (VIDEO)

When all the teachers were fired from Central Falls High School last week in a sweeping effort at school reform, their superintendent gave them a taste of the accountability President Barack Obama says is necessary. It is a strategy that has been used elsewhere, such as in Chicago and Los Angeles. But while there have been some improvements in test scores, schools where most teachers have been replaced still grapple with problems of poverty and discipline. Even advocates of the approach say firing a teaching staff is just one of several crucial steps that must be taken to turn around a school.

Rhode Island Teachers Fired (VIDEO)

Posted at March 5, 2010 7:09 AM