March 5, 2010

Rhode Island Superintendent Calls for Talks

School Superintendent Frances Gallo is calling for talks instead of firings, as the 88 teachers threatened with firing maby still have an opportunity to negotiate with the district in this major battle going on for Rhode Island teachers and administrators. '

Test scores and performance are very low at the school, while teachers earn more money than their colleagues in almost every other state.

So the state decided they needed to add more duties to the teachers' job description, but the teachers protested and refused to go along, leading to the threat of firing.

Many including even President Obama have bqacked this possibility, but the boss is still gving teachers a chance to work something out. See below for details:

Rhode Island Superintendent Calls for Talks

A district superintendent who fired all the teachers from one of the state's most troubled schools said Wednesday she's willing to negotiate with its teachers' union after it publicly pledged to support reforms. Central Falls Superintendent Frances Gallo said an offer made late Tuesday by the Central Falls Teachers' Union gives her hope the issue could be resolved without mass firings. The offer includes support for a longer school day and providing before- and after-school tutoring for students...

Rhode Island Superintendent Calls for Talks

Posted at March 5, 2010 7:23 AM