March 5, 2010

Central Falls high school: 7 percent of 11th graders can do math!

Rhode Island school teachers are protesting a move to fire almost 100 of them, for refusing to take on additional work duty.

But when you look at the results they are getting, it might be hard to have a lot of sympathy fort the school staff.

According to stats in the latest news reports, only 7 percent of 11th graders taught by these teachers are at their grade level in math!

The superintendent Frances Gallo stepped up to fire the 93 teachers underperforming and refusing to accept additional work, but is now offering to try and talk out a compromise.

Many observers including Presidet Obama himself have weighed in supporting the state's right to fire these teachers.

What do you think, is this fair and in the best interests of the kids, or should these teachers be bringing in their attorneys?

central falls high school: 7 percent of 11th graders doing well!

...The teachers union offered a counterproposal Tuesday that moves toward Gallo's conditions, including a longer workday. In response, Gallo has agreed to resume negotiations. However, the superintendent said last night, the decision to fire teachers will not change unless an agreement is reached. In Central Falls, a largely Hispanic city north of Providence where 19,000 people are squeezed into 1.3 square miles, the mill work vanished long ago, only 48 percent of high schoolers graduate in four years, and more than a quarter of its families live below the poverty level. Only 7 percent of 11th graders reached proficiency in math...

central falls high school: 7 percent of 11th graders doing well!

Posted at March 5, 2010 7:44 AM