May 4, 2010

Betty White: Nudity on SNL?

As Betty White gets ready to host SNL after a huge campaign to get her in there, she is saying there will be no holds barred in her historic first hosting appearance.

Does that mean we might even see nudity from Betty? According to the legendary comic actress, that is one place where she will draw a line on the show. Actually to be precise, she said "very little" nudity, so who knows what is in store? As Jay-Z is the musical guest, many are wondering whether a rap segment is coming. Betty is also good friends with Sandra Bullock, so some hope she may make her first public appearance since the breakup scandal that has all of America in her corner. That would be exciting indeed!

Betty White: Nudity on SNL?

- Important Mother's Day Reminder: Betty White will finally make her long-awaited "Saturday Night Live" debut this coming weekend, along with musical guest Jay-Z.

"Isn't that something?" White, speaking on Monday's Today show, said of the guest-star pairing, also predicting -- modestly -- that the rapper will be the one to help boost Saturday's ratings. "He's tremendous." And while there will be singing, dancing and comedy come Saturday night, White has put her foot down: No nudity. Well, "Very little nudity," she promised "Today's" Meredith Vieira. "Here and there" some nudity, she teased. "Mostly here." "Golden Girls" favorite White, 88, landed the hosting gig after a fervent Facebook campaign by fans.

Betty White: Nudity on SNL?

Posted at May 4, 2010 2:51 AM