May 2, 2010

Bullock & James House for Sale

As divorce lawyers swarmover the remains of the Sandra Bullock & Jesse James marriage, real estate brokers and lawyers are now getting in position for the sale of the Bullock-James house.

Their waterside home in Long Beach is up for sale, reportedly for something in the range of 6 million dollars, according to realtors. The Bullock marriage to James is coming to an end after it was revealed that James was cheating with several women, and now Sandra Bullock is taking sole custody of their recently adopted child.

It is not yet known what new property Bullock or James will be seeking out, though James will presumably be residing in the seventh layer of hell. Prices should be favorable down there, possibly one upside for him.

Bullock & James House for Sale

An Orange County realtor tells ET that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have put their multi-million dollar Sunset Beach home up for sale. Realtor Chuck Buscemi tells us the estranged couple have put their home on the market for $5,995,000. Buscemi says the home will be sold discreetly. It won't be in the Multiple Listing Service and potential buyers will have to pre-qualify.

Bullock & James House for Sale

Posted at May 2, 2010 3:41 AM