May 1, 2010

Sandra Bullock Baby Pics

Sandra Bullock shocked the world this week by revealing that she secretly adopted a baby, that nobody knew about until now.

And now in the latest People magazine she showed the baby to the world for the first time, in a series of adorable pics. the baby was adopted from New Orleans, in a process that was started several years before. The adoption was sought out by Sandra Bullock and Jesse James together, but now that they are getting divorced Sandra will have sole custody of the baby boy, named Louis after Louis Armstrong.

Sandra Bullock Baby

Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from her husband, Jesse James, and is adopting a baby boy as a single parent. "Yes, I have filed for divorce," the 45-year-old Oscar-winning actress said in an interview with People magazine, posted Wednesday on its website. "I'm sad and I am scared." Bullock and James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago, the People article said, and brought 3 1/2-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Academy Awards.

Sandra Bullock Baby

Posted at May 1, 2010 2:50 AM